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# 16 18-12-2007 , 12:56 PM
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Looking at the book again, I may have been wrong. Did you try rendering the particles seperately using hardware rendering? or did you just try rendering everything together?

Additionally, I have learned that it was possible to hardware render with less then ideal cards in maya7, but in the more recent versions, it has gotten a lot less plausable.

You can try rendering just the particles by hiding everything else, selecting Hardware render in your render settings and "use geometry mask" to on, then comp them together. If it doesn't work, then I'm afraid I can't help further.

# 17 18-12-2007 , 01:02 PM
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It just wont let me select hardware rendering
it says 'graphics card insufficiant for hardware rendering'

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I think that you might be able to get away using the hardware render buffer, as on my old desktop it wont hardware render, but it will via the hardware render buffer, my laptop dosent have a problem at all.

If your running maya 2008 then you can render previously only hardware rendered particles using mantal ray, works a treat!

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# 19 19-12-2007 , 08:19 AM
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How would i do that?

# 20 19-12-2007 , 02:04 PM
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hi there,

maybe a solution

i'm a newbe so lets hope this works for you

on the particleShape tab

make the particles clouds
add the colour per particle atribute
create a ramp for this atribute

select the particles

goto hypershade

press the button with a square and arrow to the right
this will bring your particleconnection into your hypershade

add an
particlesampler (particle utilities)

add an

particleCloud (volumetric)

now connect the particle cloud to your particles
connect them with default you have to do this twice to get the atribute panel which you can close

then connect the particle sampler to your particle cloud
connect it to the colour

now you will see your particles in your software renderer or in mental ray

hope this will do for you

ieoie out........

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but i would still prefer it if i could get hardware rendering to work
anyone know how?

# 22 20-12-2007 , 07:20 AM
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Elephantinc there is no how if your card does not support hardware rendering then you can't use it, you can try the hardware render buffer as Gster suggested by going to Window at the top of the UI and then under Rendering Editors select Hardware Render Buffer .If this does not work for you then you will have to use either of the two workarounds we have suggested to use the software renderer, use another workaround ,if you have Maya 2008 use Mental Ray to render them or buy a new Graphics card.
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