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problem exporting maxwell render from maya to another computer


I am working on some renders in maxwell that I export from Maya.

normally, I render them on my own computer, which works well.

now, I would like to render them on a second computer which I only use for rendering.

I started of by exporting a .mxs from maya , copying it to the second computer, but there I cannot resume it for it cannot find the texture files, etc which are all located on my own computer.

than I tried to use the network render, but strangely enough, when I click 'add' in the network tab and choose the .mxs file, it says:

"MXS File does not exist or it is Invalid or Obsolete. Please choose a valid MXS"

(But the mxs does open in mxstudio, for instance - the file does not seem that invalid)

Any good advise on how I can export my render to another computer / fix these problems?


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You might wanna post this to Next Limit, it sounds to me like a licence issue!!!

Some software will write licence information within files to stop you transferring from one place to another. I would check what your licence is (Single Workstation or Render Farm/Multiple Machines).

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you need to make sure its part of a project, so all of the textures are in a set place. (File>Project>New)

then just transfer the whole project over to the other computer... i think that will work.

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