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Mac Maya Vs PC Maya

Hi there,

I've decided to finally get into Maya.

I've worked in 3D for a while now and while my job is primarily based in arch-vis, I have always had a big interest in character modelling/animation which I recently started looking into.

I mainly use Max and C4D, but it seems Maya is much more favoured for game/movie work and I also like the look of it's Zbrush workflow.

So my question is, are there any differences between the Mac version of 2009 Unlimited and the PC version?

I would much prefer to work in OS X but I don't want to get a Mac license if there are benefits of using it on the PC. In terms of workflow it's not an issue since I only plan to use it with Zbrush and will pick up the same OS version as I do for Maya.

I did a Google on this and could only find threads back when UL wasn't available for Mac.

I suppose I could try it on both systems but it would be great to get the advice from experienced users.

Many thanks

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There shouldn't be any differences.

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Fantastic, exactly what I wanted to hear!

Thanks for the quick response.

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In my experience the only difference between Mac and PC Maya versions have been minor control ones--Mostly mouse buttons, but you really shouldn't see anything else. As far as performance/power they're equal.

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