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Missing Exe files


Saddens me that my first post is a tech problem but sadly needs must. When I attempted to load up Maya today (installed it about 2 days ago) a error message came up saying that the Exe files path were broken. I went into Maya's folder in the drive it was installed on and found that it wasn't even in there either (checked both folders).

I attempted a reinstall but each time all exe files were missing. Prior to this maya was running fine got a fairly high end computer and working on Win7.

Also using the education version of maya if that's any help.

Thanks in advance user added image

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You sure your anti-virus software is not deleting the files?


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Took all anti virus jazz off just before I installed but thankfully I found away around the problem. Due to me being an animation student Autodesk has supplied me with Maya 2011 for free which works rather nicely.

Thanks again for the help, time for me to get used to Maya's layout user added image

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