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UV texture Editor question...

Hello guys...

I am trying to put together a head I have modeled and a body I have modeled ... both of them have their own texture and I would like the UVs of the head to be in a 0-1 space and the body in a 0-1 space in the UV editor of Maya ....

Can I for instance have the UVs and the texture of the head in the -1 to 0 space and the UVs and texture of the body in the 0 to 1 space of the UV editor ??

If so , how can I do that ? Because I can not manage to have my head texture in the -1 to 0 space

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I want to say everything has to be in the 0-1 space, I am not sure if there is a way to allow the UV to pick up other quadrants. If you are not worried about space you can also save out a UV for the head and body and just assign two different shaders.

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