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Getting UV Texuture Editor

So at home I have a dual screen set up for my laptop and have all my editors on the 2nd screen. Well im at work now and dont have 2 there a way to get them back to my one screen?

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so unless maya is different it's not the lack of dual monitors, my browser was open on my second monitor and opens here just fine.

Edit: So it may actually be the dual screen issue, I cant open my hypershade (was on 2nd screen) but can open my Outliner and any other editor that was on the 1st screen still. Also just realized I should have probably posted this in the Tech area.

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Maya appears to remember where the windows were when you last opened (usability reasons i suspect)

if you're on windows you can easily get the windows back onto your first monitor without having to plug in a second monitor.

- use the hot key or menu to open the window
- that should bring the window into focus.
- without clicking anywhere hit alt+space, that gets you the right click menu on the menu bar
- hit enter (it should be 'move' highlighted) and hit an arrow key. then move your mouse and the window will follow it.
easy. user added image
you can try it out first on a window in your first monitor, that way you know what's happening. sometimes windows have 'restore' highlighted first and you have to hit down to get to move.

if you're using windows 7 you can use the window + left arrow to get it to change side.

if you're using mac i assume it'll show up in that stupid spaces thing (although macs realise they don't have a second monitor so it would probably just appear on your first one anyway)

its not that you can't open it, its that you are opening it but it's off screen..

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I will have to try it out when I get home, dont have my computer with me at the moment. Will let you know what the verdict is.

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I've had that same problem!

If you're on a MAC you can use an AppleScript called GatherWindows.

Just load it into AppleScript Editor and press play. You can also save it as an "application" for later use.

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Thanks - Worked like a charm

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