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# 1 03-10-2011 , 06:12 AM
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Maya to ZBrush problem

Hey All,

I'm trying to export a model into Zbrush 4.0 from Maya 2012. The problem is when the mesh loads in Zbrush allot of the faces have become see through.

I came across this solution:

"Looks like some of the normals are flipped, this may be because you've mirrored objects in Maya so they have negative scale values. Try doing a Freeze Transforms on all your objects before exporting from Maya, and if that doesn't work then Combine them all together into a single mesh and export that after deleting history on it."

Unfortunately it did not work. Any other suggestions? I really need to find a solution quickly....



# 2 03-10-2011 , 07:24 AM
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Try 'flip' in 'Display Properties' mate...I think thats how I did Zbrush itself.

cheers bullet


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Yeah you can do what Bullet said, or even hit 'Double' as well in Zbrush.

But in future before exporting from Maya, make sure your normals are all facing the right way


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Thanks heaps. Both suggestions worked cheers guys

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