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# 1 10-01-2012 , 02:41 AM
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Problem with rendering OS X

Hello everyone,
I have been using Maya 2012 for a few days now and I woke up this morning and when I render (not batch) it's just completely black, alpha doesn't show anything. I have deleted everything related to autodesk/maya on here and have reinstalled several times. I have tried to reset all the settings. I tried to uninstall it with the terminal as it shows in the mayainstall.png on page 29 but my terminal shows invalid arguments. I switched over to my windows partition and installed maya on there and it works perfectly (so it's not a hardware issue i don't think), however, I can't render projects that I made on the mac side (it just shows a black screen). Any suggestions I would rather just stay on Lion than switching back and fourth every time I want to use Maya.


# 2 10-01-2012 , 03:09 AM
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what are you rendering? did you try making a sphere and rendering that?

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Make sure you're rendering out of the correct camera.

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I have tried rendering a sphere. and yes it is just under perspective for the view. I can render maybe 2 times but it is really dark and I can barely see the sphere. Then after those two times it will just render completely black, it also happens if I add another object into the scene.

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and you can tell it's not even trying to render it just instantly goes black.

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