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Weird Keyboard Issue - Maya 2012

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OK I searched on the forums and noticed that a few people have had similar issues before, but nothing seems to have been posted on for many years, so rather than dig up really old threads, I figured I'd start a new one.

In Maya 2012, I've been working in a particular scene for around 30 minutes now and all of a sudden my tool selection keys have stopped working. If I key into the command line, they all appear to be outputting the correct codes (ie: q=q, w=w, e=e, etc).

So far, so much the same as all the other threads that have been posted on this.

However, if I've noticed that if I tap the relevant tool selection key then click the right mouse button quickly then the tool will actually change to the correct one depending on the key I had pressed.

I've checked the hotkey editor and the mappings for all the tools appear to be mapped to <toolName>WithSnapMarkingMenu (eg: w is mapped to TranslateToolWithSnapMarkingMenu) - so all seems to be OK there.

Closing and relaunching Maya seems to sort out the issue.

Since it's highly annoying, does anyone have a less intrusive fix for this when it happens again, or at least be able to offer some insight as to why this might be happening? (btw: I'm on Win7x64, and no, there are no Language packs installed and UK keyboard is the only installed keyboard layout)


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Not sure there's a fix. I do the same thing as you (close&relaunch), if it's any consolation a lot of programs suffer this issue. If it's happening too often you might try to delete the pref folder, in my experience that solves 90% of Maya issues.

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Thanks buddy. That's just as I suspected owing to the lack of information available elsewhere. Looks like it's been a Maya problem for some time as well owing by how far back some of the posts go (I've seen posts from 2003/4 in archives that mention it.

Bit of a PITA, but I guess I'll have to live with it. Will definitely file the prefs deletion for the next time though ... see if it helps.

Strange that none of the other software I use suffers this issue...

ho-hum... such is life...

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Yeh the prefs delete is one and relaunch...thats Maya Mark. I have similar issues with Civilcad...a Survey software pack I use all the time. Sometimes it just decides it didnt get enough coffee and off it goes...I dont have a prefs folder with the only thing I can do is restore the panel layout...then check everything hasnt gone Yankee on me (Imperial) LOL. I havent had any issues like that with 2011...but 2012..well read some of ctbrams posts mate...he has found every bug so far LOL

cheers bullet


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