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Animation with real world props


So I want to make animation like a small character walking around on top of real world table, and interacting with things on it (such as fruits, utensils, and such), imagine like Toy Story but only the characters are 3d models, and the rest are real world. I want to ask some advice on how to approach this. Base on my understanding, these are the steps that I must take:

- Shoot the real world background, make some objects move (with thread or something)
- Make animation based on how the objects were moved.
- To match the movement, use image plane with image sequence.

The problem is this would be too heavy on computer, even with low resolution (or too low resolution and the image will be too blurred, and hard to match with the animation).

Is there some trick that I miss? Or different system entirely?


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how much experience of vfx do you have?

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Uhm.. none? VFX stands for visual effects right? Or it's a program? Do I need that? I won't use (yet) any explosions, sparkling or such, just a simple 3d character interacting (like pushing) an apple on top of table or such. Like The Smurf (just recalled last night). How they interact with books and utensils and such..

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