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Hard edges, help!

Hi can anyone help me, I have never used harden edges before when modelling but for this model for jason Edwards speeder I am trying to harden these edges, but for the life of me they still remain soft edges, I have tried to research as much as I can, I read somewhere you can check 'Keep hard edges on' in the channel box but I can't see this anywhere. Iam running maya 11.

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Hard edge is that what the tutorial said to do?...............dave

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yes he said to harden the edges around the cockpit area, I normally insert edge loops to create harder edges or use the crease tool, but I thought I would do it this way to see if it would improve my workflow, and now am on a mission to find out why its not working

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if you have smoothed by selecting mesh>smooth, you will have the option of "keeping hard edges" in the channel box on the left. But it looks like you are using subdivision preview (activated by pressing "3") which I don't believe respects hard edges.


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