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Nurbs vertex control

Hello, guys

This is my first post here and I am totally new to maya I got a quick question if someone can help me.

When I create any shape with the nurbs and go to the vertex control maya starts showing too many vertex points all over the shape so its bit hard to work with it as the model goes more complex in shape. as in the image below.

user added image

is it possible to not show all the vertex i want them to be visible at the edges.

thanks , hope i am clear

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NURBs surfaces and curves are not defined by vertices. A curve is defined by a polynomial function where the degree defines the smoothness and inflections within the curve. Think f(x) -> x is a straight line and has degree 1, f(x) -> x^3 is a cubic curve and has degree 3.

Maya supports nurbs curves of degree 1, 3, 5, and 7. However, degree 5 and 7 curves are rarely if ever used in maya. They are there mainly to support import of nurbs data from more sophisticated nurbs modeling apps.

If you search "nurb" and "continuity" and my nick "ctbram" you'll find a couple posts I have made that attempt to explain surface continuity and a bit more about nurbs surfaces.

So with all that being said if you want a 2-vert per edge model then you will want to be working in polygons and not nurbs.

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Thanks for your reply that really helped.. user added image

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