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# 1 16-04-2014 , 02:07 PM
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Small Announcement

Hey all

I thought I would take this opportunity to make an announcement here on Simply Maya as its probably the only 3d related site I actually frequent . David and Nilla and small handful of 'close' members have been aware of this news for sometime now...but anyway read on

So...Ive been been doing 3d since around 1997 and a member of Simply since around 2003, and Ive seen member come and go, and over the period of time Ive done tutorials for this site and Ive also bounced around studios in the industry a fair bit, been out of work and so forth...but since working in Dublin as head of modelling things have really picked up since being home here in the UK. Ive since worked as a senior modeller and Lead Modeller at Reliance/Digital Domain on Enders Game, GI Joe 2 and Michael Bays Black Sails and more recently Ive had the opportunity as a senior modeler to work at Framestore on Robocop, Jupiter Ascending (as a modeler and creature td) and for the next month Guardians of the Galaxy.

After this stint finishes at Framestore I am really happy to say that I will be heading on to pastures new and fulfilling a (thus far) life long dream to finally go and work and the newly set up Industrial Light and Magic studio here in London.

What projects I will be on is anyones guess right now, but theres a few big things in the works, and Im sure over time I will be able to let you know or the internet will tell you before I do user added image

So anyway I wanted to share this with you all now that I have exactly a month until it all kicks off....I hope sincerely new and older members can be inspired by this...

now for the hard work....


# 2 16-04-2014 , 03:51 PM
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ILM !!! Congratulations.

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# 3 16-04-2014 , 04:40 PM
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That is really awesome news! Just know you will be bugged more frequently now! user added image

- Genny
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# 4 16-04-2014 , 04:53 PM
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Thank you guys, I probably will be LOL, but hey its good to help out when i can....

Im like a child right now!!! very excited...


# 5 16-04-2014 , 04:57 PM
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Thats a small announcement !!!

Well done man - Good luck. It nice to see someone who works hard at his craft still have time for everyone here at the site. From vets like me to newest of noobs you can often find a post from Jay giving a hint or two.

# 6 16-04-2014 , 05:12 PM
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Awesome stuff Jay! Great to see your hard work paying off!

# 7 16-04-2014 , 05:23 PM
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Good luck.........dave

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# 8 16-04-2014 , 06:20 PM
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Congratulations Jay! That has been my fantasy job since I learned what it was a few years back. You'll have to keep us all posted with how it goes. Hard work definitely pays off. (Noticed your now a stormtrooper instead of batman...)haha!!

# 9 16-04-2014 , 07:14 PM
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Thanks to all, I had to let you know, Ive been on this forum with a few of you for a looong time and we have all had our say in one way or another so I really had to share this. As I said a few others have known for a while Dave and Nilla, Bullet and also George Waldren (aka Legend of Zombie) and Next Design....

Hehe Tweety only a little one LOL

I'll still be dropping in with my own work..hell, I have a P51 thread going on in here and that needs finishing...I still have tons of stuff I want to do and share so....

cheers for now

# 10 16-04-2014 , 07:34 PM
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Hey congratulation again mate, glad you finally got to make it public.

Now you need to tell them you won't be able to start till you've been back to Prague user added image

All the best

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# 11 16-04-2014 , 08:00 PM
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Thanks Dave!!!

yeah I gotta get to Prague mate....havent seen you for ages!!!


# 12 16-04-2014 , 09:38 PM
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No way user added image!

Congratulations Jay ...

Great News! user added image

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# 13 16-04-2014 , 10:12 PM
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Yes Way!!!

cheers Ben


# 14 17-04-2014 , 01:41 AM
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I was wondering when this was going to be posted! Again, great job mate. (Pun intended) user added image

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# 15 17-04-2014 , 04:45 AM
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Wow!! Congrats and thanks for the tips and sharing your knowledge with us. I wish success to you and all of us, keep it up!!! user added image

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