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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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UV Distortion Issue

Hey, I am playing with the new uv distortion function. I have two Objects sharing the same texture (with repeat like a brickwall). So I created a Material and applied it to the two objects. Now my problem, the two objects dont have the same size. I made UV maps so that both are nice and have no distortion at all. The thing is, if I use uv repeat to have the texture how I want on one object, on the other it doesnt look the same (bricks either smaller or bigger). So until now my workflos was to just change the size of the uv's (scale uv of smaller object up) that both objects share the same amount of checker pattern in hight for example. When I apply the material with e.g. uv repeat 10 times it will look the same on both. With this technique I get lot of compression at the model though. So my question is, what is the right way? And does it even matter if I have compression on planar models like a room of a building? I mean the squares keeping their form just getting smaller To prevent distortion I would have to create a new material and fit the uv repeat for the smaller object. But that would lead to more work... Any ideas?

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