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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
# 1 30-12-2015 , 12:41 PM
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Modeling bad correction problem

Hello. I did a mistake while I was attaching the leg to the body and I tried to amend my mistake deleting some faces and extruding others, the result looks good at first but when I see it in smooth mode I see the problem:

user added image
user added image

Now I can't solve it... user added image user added image it looks like a patch.

# 2 30-12-2015 , 01:06 PM
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user added image

OK so I decided redo just the pelvis and this part of the leg and I solve it but still wanting know if there is other solution.

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I could be a case of flipped normals. When in doubt, uncheck two sided lighting under the panel's lighting menu. It could also have been a case of unmerged/unwelded vertices.

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