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Is it possible to make Maya 2016 look and behave more like 2011

Hello Simply Maya
It is great to finally get back to using Maya.

I have been away but now I am back.

I habe Maya 2016 and used to be real happy with 2011. I am not a fan of the new look of Maya 2016. Are there any articles regarding making changes to the interface.

If I think about it I really could roll with the punches and figure it all out but can you suggest simple steps to move my hotkeys and what others stuff do people generally move about when migrate to new versions.

I can copy and move preferences but before I do I wanted to get any input about some things that may seem obvious, some things like 'don't touch this or make sure that...."

Any and all input would make me smile. And also some of the new tutorials, since I have been away look promising, how does that work with getting points or buying the tutorials, the one on the home page of simply maya re modeling looks fun.

Thanks and a big welcome back to me.

Is it possible to make Maya 2016 look and behave more like 2011

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No. It is not a matter of preferences. All of the resources including icons, and even the back-end have changed.

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thanks for reply n for your help

yeah after I spent the weekend trying to migragrate from 2011 to 2016 i just gave up and I am doing the changes by hand, it is nice to know I am not alone and crazy thinking I can just upload all my old setting and run but no... thanks for that that save me thinking time... in the short while I have spent I do like a lot of the improvements I have run into in maya so I look forward to using it again now once I am set
thankyou for your help

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