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Rotating planets

Hey folks, excuse my lack of techy lingo but I'm very new to the scene user added image

I'm trying to create some parts of the solar system, and am stuck trying to rotate the moon around the earth on the timeline. I have grouped the moon and earth objects together so I can select the moon, hit the up arrow on the keyboard and thus make it rotate around the earth as its parent, but the earth is then selected too and using the rotation tool rotates them both. What I want to achieve is the earth rotating slowly and the moon rotating round the earth at a different speed.

How can I select the earth as the central rotation point for the moon object, but not have the earth selected/rotate too?

I hope that makes sense, I'm sure it's gotta be quite simple, well as simple as anything can be in Maya!


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Hi MrCat

You are on the right track but instead of grouping the moon to the earth, first group the moon to itself. Set the pivot point of this "moon group" to be in the centre of the earth. This you can use for rotation around the earth. After this group the earth and the "moon group" together and make the new group's pivot point the centre of the sun.

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Ahh great thanks user added image

I'm unsure how to set a new pivot point for a group but I'm sure I can find it real easy, I'll go look it up now.

Thanks so much for the tip, that's just perfect for the whole project user added image


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