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Maya to Nuke: A Render Problem

Hey Everyone,

I'm going through a tutorial right now that involves some things from Maya to be used in Nuke. The main thing is an animated car. The only issue is the car file is missing (a few years old tutorial might add). So, I had a training module for Maya which had a car in it which I am using. I animated its path with a spline. It all seems great now but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to render it out into an EXR file. I get all the settings configured but I can't get much farther than that.

I'm using Maya 2017 and attempting to render out with Arnold. I'm EXTREMELY new to Maya. I played with it last year but haven't touched it since but realized I had no choice if I wanted to finish this tutorial (and I do cause I'm stubborn like that). So if anyone can explain how I can write this out so I have the animation as an EXR file (with alpha if possible that'd be great). Also, I don't have a light in the scene, if I render it without one, will that import the car as a nearly black animation or will it be fine?

Thanks everyone! I also attached an screenshot.

P.S. I'm using the Student/Free copy of Maya.

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