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How do you snap a vertex selection by a specific vertex?

I'm a Max user and am trying to figure out how in Maya I can snap move an entire selection of vertices (or edges or polys) by clicking and dragging a specific vertex of my choosing from this selection.
In 3ds Max I would make selection, then use Enable Axis Constraints so I can choose which axis (or 2) to constrain to, then basically pick a vertex to be the pivot point for all the other vertices to follow.

This is an incredibly handy technique for accurate hard surface modeling and everytime I try to move a selection in Maya I can only do it by the gizmo. Unless do I have to move the pivot first somehow?

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If you hold down V it does snap to vertex, hold down X does snap to grid line.

Hope that helps.

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What I'm asking for is to change where in my selection does it snap to vertex or snap to grid.

So If I select a bunch of vertices, it will snap to the centre point of the selection, but I want to change this point to be on a specific vertex in my selection.

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Thanks for the answer.

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