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# 1 15-08-2003 , 07:04 PM
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un-smooth render view

there anything i can do about the maya 5's render view, it looks like it was put thru a super eagle (emulator smoother) pixel smoother or something, but i just now realized when i save the image it's perfectly smooth, just not when viewed in maya's render view...

anything i can do about that?

# 2 15-08-2003 , 10:57 PM
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are you referring to Nurbs smoothness?

# 3 16-08-2003 , 05:07 PM
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no, because if i save the file, it looks beautifully smooth, just in the render view it has rough edges (even edges of the squares of a checker board pattern)

i can possibly can screenshot it if you wanna see

# 4 16-08-2003 , 05:09 PM
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The default setting for Anti-alaising is set low. In the render globals set it higher. That should smooth your edges.

# 5 17-08-2003 , 01:30 PM
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no no no! hit the button marked 1:1 in the render view. What's happening is that you're slightly zoomed in on the pic if you hit the 1:1 button it will set the pic to it's correct size and zoom and it will look just fine and dandy user added image


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