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Simply Maya - Modeling and Projects - Fantasy Creatures

Burt The Cartoon Dinosaur Vol 1 - Modeling

Price: $24.95 Video Credits: 14
This tutorial takes you through the modeling of Burt the Cartoon Dinosaur. Special attention is paid to creating nice topology with quads and an edge flow that ...

Burt The Cartoon Dinosaur Vol 2 - Texturing

Price: $24.95 Video Credits: 14
This tutorial starts with the creation of the UV map using new techniques in Maya 2016. Using this UV workflow it's possible to UV a character like this in arou...

Robot volume one - Modeling with animation in mind

Price: $24.95 Video Credits: 14
In this tutorial we cover the creation of the robot you can see in the images below. We designed this character as he has a few different techniques that go int...

Creature Vol 2 - Surface Anatomy Detailing ZBrush

Price: $34.95 Video Credits: 20
Drawing from his experience on recent feature films Lockout and John Carter, Senior Modeler Jay Edwards from Reliance Mediaworks VFX shares his production techn...

Creature Vol 1 - Modeling Quadrupeds

Price: $44.95 Video Credits: 25
This tutorial covers creature creation from concept sketches through to modeling a low poly base mesh in Maya.

We'll follow Jay as he takes us through the ch...

Poly & Sub D Workflows - Creature Modeling

Price: $24.95 Video Credits: 14
This five and a half hour long project in organic modeling presents mainly a polygon - subdivision workflow with some NURBS surfaces being used to create the in...

Stylized Creatures - Orc Head Project

Price: $34.95 Video Credits: 20
This complete project covers the modeling and texturing of an orc head, so if you're into fantasy creatures this is the perfect tutorial for you. Follow along a...

The Complete Sea Creature Project

Price: $34.95 Video Credits: 20
In this tutorial set covering modeling and texturing we'll create the sea creature. The modeling lessons will show you some different techniques for sculpting o...

The Oliphant Project

Price: $44.95 Video Credits: 29
In this entertaining project for beginners in organic modeling we will create The Oliphant from The Lord of The Rings Movies. This tutorial uses a lot of NURBS ...

Digital Sets - The Complete Yeti Project

Price: $34.95 Video Credits: 20
In this complete project we'll cover modeling and texturing the Furry Yeti character and the winter scene he's in, as well as some post processing techniques of...

Giant Spider Modeling

Price: $24.95 Video Credits: 16
Modeling this scary monster spider you'll get some good practice in creating a complete organic character and learn some techniques that can be used to model an...
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