Integrating 3D models with photography
Interested in integrating your 3D work with the real world? This might help
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Free Friday Tutorial #14: Goal Oriented nParticles in Maya for Morphing

From a readers' Q and A column in TV GUIDE: "If we get involved in a nuclear war, would the electromagnetic pulses from exploding bombs damage my videotapes?"
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can the particle go to the mesh face and not to the vertex?
thanksuser added image

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yep, you can create the attribute goalU and goalV in the PP attributes (from general), and apply to them an expression like

and that's it! user added image

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Is it possible to be able to fill the volume of the shape instead of the outline.


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I really appreciate the kind of topics you post here.

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Could It also fill the object?

Hey there!
I'm trying to make them fill the objet, they are morphing to, but I can' find a way to do so.

Do you have any Ideas?

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