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Help with merging imported models. Model deforms when moved.

Hello. I am having a slight issue in Maya. I am using Maya 2013 x64 specifically. I am making some mods for a game and wanting to make some custom animations and renders in the form of machinima. The game uses 4 separate meshes to make a character because it allows you in game to select different hair styles, faces and bodies. I know how to merge vertices together and how to use the "connect joint" tool.

Here is the first problem. user added image The body mesh is completely fine. However when I move the head mesh after importing, some faces stay behind and deform. As shown in the attached screenshot. Is this a problem of bad rigging by the original artist where I'd have to repaint the vertex weights or is it another issue?

The second issue is with the "connect joint" tool. user added image I can attach the skeletons together by disconnecting "Dummy_Face" from "Dummy_Root" on the head mesh, then using the tool to connect it to "Bip01_ASCII45_Head" on the body mesh where it would sit properly. Of course, issue 1 ends up much worse as the faces stay behind as shown, although the majority of the head ends up where it should. The problem here is that "Dummy_Face" and "Bip01_ASCII45_Head", while overlapping are a still separate bones. Is there a way for "Dummy_Face" to become "Bip01_ASCII45_Head" when connected instead of just overlapping. Seems redundant having two bones in the same spot and like it would be a pain later to animate properly.

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