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# 1 13-06-2003 , 08:46 PM
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Winamp3 - really cool feature

You *have* to check out Winamp 3 if you haven't already.

It has got a desktop overlay function, which puts the visualisation (all the fancy dancing gfx) on the desktop background behind anything else you're doing.

My machine is a tad sluggish with it on, but it is a really really cool showoff feature. :bgreen:


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thanks for telling. I will get it user added image

# 3 13-06-2003 , 09:03 PM
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shortcut to turning this function on....

1) Right click on winamp window.
Windows --> Visualisation.
2) On Visualisation panel that opens, click on "Open Editor" button at bottom left.
3) From dropdown menus: Settings --> Display
Turn on following options:
- Overlay mode
- Set desktop to colour
- No minimise on Winamp minimise
4) From dropdown menu again: Settings --> Fullscreen
Select a resolution and colour depth that doesn't grind your machine to a halt user added image !!!!

Play a tune, minimise Winamp and Enjoy....

# 4 13-06-2003 , 09:29 PM
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That's Cool. I still prefer Winamp 2 just because Winamp 3 has way too many features that I don't use/don't know about. I rather keep it simple. plus, winamp 3 takes more system resources. I still might give this a try, though user added image

# 5 14-06-2003 , 12:06 AM
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I did it, it works, SWEET!

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Now open!!
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