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# 1 06-04-2004 , 11:20 AM
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Making Blood

Hi Chaps and Chapesses,

Im looking for a way to create fairly realistic blood. I need it spurting out of limbs and dripping from mouths etc. I dont have Maya fluids, im running 5.01 so i have Mental Ray if that makes any odds.
If anyone could get me started or point to any useful tutorials on the net it would be greatly appreciated.
Im a bit of a neewbie/intermediate so dont go too complex on me user added image

Thanks in advance.

Mr_Skinner user added image

# 2 06-04-2004 , 07:08 PM
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I would use blobby particles from emmiter or surface depending on the FX you want.

# 3 07-04-2004 , 08:33 AM
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I've tried to render blobby particles, and other particles using Mental Ray but they dont render, im guessing this is a limitation in Mental Ray?

So....i've made a sphere with a bloody material on it and used the instancer (replacer) to emmit the sphere. Would this be a valid way of doing things?
Im doing a Zombie cutscene and need something for when they pull arms and legs off etc.

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