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# 1 20-11-2004 , 07:23 PM
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painting weight frustration

I have finaly completed the rigging of my model and need to paint the weight.

Everything is simple except that when I try to paint and area, for exemple fingers, I sometime paint by accident another, ex: torso, and dont notice it until I do some testing by moving the squeleton.

This is very frustrating because I have to fix it and while doing so I also happen to paint on another area and the problem repeat itself over and over...

So is there a way to make sure that once I paint weight, it will never change?

Or to prevent Maya to add weight to area that are not directly connected to the one I am working on?


# 2 20-11-2004 , 07:43 PM
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toggle hold weights to on. .

or if u are doing smooth skinning, use the "bind selected joint" method, and choose only joints the may accfect your skin.
[ie. for fingers, all finger joints and wrist joint or possibly a forearm joint- may affect your hand skin. u can then mirror the weights across on the other hand.]

for the mirror to work properly, you may need to bind both hands at the same time to their corresponding joints.
this method is a little tricky, because of how maya displays selected joints.
otherwise use the hold weights options to make life easier.

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