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Problems with painting weight

I'm kind of a newbie on the Maya platform, but I've made a few models before, and I've been introduced to rigging and IK. Now, I've made a simple cylindrical form (with a little top on it), and added a simple skeleton to it. What I'm trying to get is a pole that I can twist and turn in an animation, as if it were some kind of a snake. Now, I've added the skeleten, and smooth binded it, but when I try to manipulate the IK handle, I always get what you can see on image 1 (in the attachments). Now, I figured this is because the skin isn't weighted properly, so I went to the paint weight tool, but whenever I try to paint weight (as you can see on image 2), and I click somewhere else, and click back, the weight just reverted to its original value (as you can see on image 3). Now, it's been a while since I've worked with Maya, so it might be that I'm forgetting something obvious here, but I really don't know how I can fix this.


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First thing, break the skin, and delete your history. That can cause problems. Also, when you smooth skin the mesh back onto the skeleton, reset the options in there to make sure you haven't moved something else.

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Allright, thanks! deleting the history solved the problem!

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