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displacement on polygon house

the prob is that i want to add some cracks to a house with a displacement maps on polygons...i dunno where i do things wrong. the disp. map is all white black and grey...i blurred the map in photoshop.when i aplyed it to the house i used approximation editor and set it to highest quality.The geometry is 1 peace....and even doing all that gave me the effect of each wall going in its own way in space when rendered....the walls are completely detached

Give an advice!!!


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maybe I´m completely wrong, but what is your objectTessellation in context to the displacement map? don´t know if this is a correct english expression.

what I want to say is ->

let´s say you have a plane with 10 width by 10 depth and you want to apply the word MAYA by using a displacement map.

I guess you would not get any desirable result. the faces would give you the effect of each going in its own way in space as you described. if increasing the resolution of the plane to about 100 by 100 the displacement map would show something wich could be read as the word MAYA. that happened to me some time ago.

otherwise you might check the normals on your model before applying the displacement map.

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