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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
# 1 09-04-2005 , 02:23 PM
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replacing low rez animation by high res


i m seeking the answer for How to replace low res animated geomaetry by high res textured geometry, Wat i was doing is
i animated the low res geometry and textured the highrez model separately now tht i m happy with theanimation and want to replace the the high rez model ....i m stuck.

plz any kind soul who can help with this..

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# 2 09-04-2005 , 02:59 PM
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Not sure what your goals are but one quick way would be to delete the low res skin off your skeleton and re-bind the highress skin. Your working with a character with a skeleton I assume.

# 3 09-04-2005 , 04:21 PM
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You might remap the keys to the high rez version. Look in the help files for "Map one character to another"

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# 4 02-05-2005 , 12:34 PM
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In ur next animation do this:
1- Put the lo res in a layer
2- Put the hi res in another layer
3- and skin them both to the bones
then animate with the lo res and n render time hide the lo and
unhide the hi.

That easy isn't it!!!!

# 5 03-05-2005 , 06:00 PM
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you should be able to just bind the new skin to the animated skeleton. You will than need to copy the weighting from the low res to Hi res.

# 6 05-05-2005 , 12:42 AM
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Thnkxx all of you....

U guys solved my problem... Now i know more thn one technique to do wat i really wanted....thnxxx pals.

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