Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Mech assault tutorial help!

Ive been working on the mech assault tutorial for some time now.
Its great but I get some problem at part 4. When finishing part 3 my model looks exaclty like on the tutorial when it ends part 3.
When part 4 starts theres only suposed to be some minor tweakings with porpotions and so on.
But I see that all cylinder has 12 segments instead of 8 that I have and was correct by part 3.

Now ive been trying to increase the segments to 12 in some time. And I think its impossible without history or remake the whole thing.

Why not build it in 12 segments in the begining when its needed in part 4? And did they miss to make it clear how to get 12 segs?

Would be great to hear from someone who knows about this tiny problem.


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Post a pic up mate and i'll have a look..

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I believe you're correct in your assertion the you would have to rebuild it if you don't have history on. If you do have history, select the object and look in the channel box for the orginal shape construction node, select that node in the channel box and you should see the options that were used, change the attribut from 8 to 12 and, assuming you have done much surface modification beyend the construction node, you should be ok.

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Originally posted by Kurt
Post a pic up mate and i'll have a look..

Ok heres my cylinder when following the tutorial. His cylinder looks the same. But after next part he suddenly have 12 corners instead of 8. And I deleted history by type when I wa ssuposed to as well.

Any idea of how to work around this?

Because if I continue on my cylinders with 8 segs next steps are hard when they are suposed to match 12 segs.
And remaking the cylinder parts to 12 segs from the begining is hard to work with.. I need help here.


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