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# 1 18-10-2002 , 04:15 PM
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Maya X Tablet

Does someone here use tablet with Maya?

I have one but I haven't tried to use it with Maya.

Rodrigo Soares
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i believe we've had a few threads already bout this, try searchin user added image
but i use a pretty simple tablet user added image

- Simon

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I have a tablet..used it a few times but much prefer a mouse

# 4 18-10-2002 , 07:21 PM
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I use a Wacom Intuos A4, it comes with a 5 button mouse too.
But since I only have received the activation key today, I can't really say anything about using the pen with let's say paint effects...

But if you are considering to buy a tablet and want to know if something particular works with maya; just ask and I will test it for you.

# 5 18-10-2002 , 07:23 PM
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the pen works the same as a mouse, but its just harder to do things like model, but easier for paintfx

- Simon

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I use it to draw my profiles and outlines for my characters.

Basicly, after I draw my side, and front views on paper, I place the paper under the plastic sheet, then draw my outlines and control curves with my Wacom pen.

It's just more fluid for me.

Israel "Izzy" Long
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