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# 1 08-08-2005 , 05:38 AM
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Polys: Extruding Edges on single Face

Hi All,

I am an XSI modeler, now attempting to learn Maya modeling methods/tools, etc.

I have run across a problem/question.
When I create a single poly face, and duplicate the edge, thus translating the new edge in a different position ...
in XSI: two faces are created, maintaining the original one object
in Maya: a new polygon is created, BUT now becomes a separate object

Is there a way to be able to create the same XSI method - to Maya?

Also, how do I stop any control (example: editPoly>Split Poly Tool),
when an object is selected?
In XSI, it is ESC ... how do we do the same in Maya?

I am sure someone has asked this before, still it would be easier to find out from the Maya-Gods, instead of beating my head over this.

I appreciate any feedback.

# 2 09-08-2005 , 07:45 AM
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not sure what you're really asking with your edge extrusion problem, so all I'll suggest is that you try enabling Polygons-->Tool Options-->Keep New Faces Together. This will keep new extuded polies attached to eachother, instead of having the vertices separate.

With your second question, I think what you're in need of is hitting the Enter key (if i'm understanding you correctly). For example, you're using the split polygon tool, and have click on all the edges you're wanting to split. Hitting enter will do the splits and exit the tool.

Hope that was useful for you, and if it wasn't please post some pictures so maybe we can understand better. user added image

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Hey f50,

Thanks for the tip ... pressing enter does definitely help/work!

Last thing, when I presumably finish the task I want (example: edges), sometimes I still have problems.

When I Right Mouse Click, a selection of menus should pop up, right? But all I get is a 'complete tool' menu, instead. I am unsure if it is my computer that is too old to handle this program, or I have to go through these steps in Maya.

Once I click the complete tool menu, I then repeat the RMclick, and the edge, object, vertex, etc menus appear.

Sorry for pestering you, I really do appreciate all the assistance ... I don't have anyone close to me (gepgraphical),to help me.

Do you find, when using split poly edges, and proceed ... sometimes the edge will not allow you to create an edge on an adjacent poly face? I have been using the magnet to point tool to resolve this issue. Am I going about this wrong?


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