Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 2
This course will look in the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. It's aimed at people that have some modeling experience in Maya but are having trouble with complex objects.
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July/August Challenge Final NORMAL Entries!

Post your finals here! Only final entries, please. If you'd like to comment on them, please do so at their original thread.

Final entires should be no larger than 640x480. If you'd like to post larger images, please link to them from your own hosting. Feel free to post wires, texture maps, etc and describe your entry.

Only images posted in the final entry threads will be considered up for the final judging.


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here's my final entrey

I've rendered couple passes and composting them in PS and I added DOF in post.

hope you like it.

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Maya 6.5 Modeling
MentalRay Rendering
Photoshop Texturing and DOF.

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July/Aug - normal - vedic kings "Slauhterhouse Martyr"

Ok, I think i'm done with this scene.

Story over view. In shrot Sam a Christian, who is murdered in the scene. Todd a disturbed individual, who discovers his older brother dead. But for so many years Sam tryed to convert Todd to his religion (Christianity), but fail in every attempt to do so. Within the last ten years from age 14 to 24 Todd has develop a split personality, which started to believe in the idea of Christ, do to his brother Sam. The split personality is his angry entity, which hates Sam for all the pain he has cause over the years. What did Sam do to cause pain to Todd? Well Todd did not believe in the Bible, but he does believe in God. The painful part is that Sam believed Todd is going to hell, no matter how good of a person he may be, just because Todd does not believe in Christ with all his heart! Because Todd's split personality starts to believe in Jesus the Christ, the entity wanted Todd to believe so the they could be one again. So in order to do so, the entity had to put fear into Todd's heart of the Lord. So Todd brother is murdered in the image of Christ so that he would fear the Lord! So in other words Todd converted himself to Christianity, (so this is the time of unity, Todd and entity become ONE, through Sam. So Sam finally converted Todd by diying for his sins And this is the scene.

So as horrorifying this images may look, its really a happy ending for everyoneuser added image

Maya 6.5 (Mental Ray rendering)
Photoshop 7 (textureing)
Painter 8 (textureing)


I use one point light, with mental ray area, for soft shadows.

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Examples of bTraffic - a traffic animation tool for Maya
bFlocking - a tool for Maya 8.5+ to generate flocking and swarming behaviours
Jan/Feb Challenge 2007 Entry and W.I.P
May/Jun Challenge 2006 Entry and W.I.P
Mar/Apr Challenge 2006 Entry and W.I.P
Jan/Feb Challenge 2006 Entry and W.I.P
Nov/Dec Challenge 2005 Entry and W.I.P
Sep/Oct Challenge 2005 Entry and W.I.P
Jul/Aug Challenge 2005 Entry
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No signature today dudes
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July/August NORMAL - Final Entry - FREZKA

Hi All.

This is my final entry.

Due to the fact that Lighting was to be used to build the final feelings of FEAR or LOATHING, I decided
to do a scene that on its own is not very emotional. It forced me to rely completely on the ligting to build
the emotion. I feel i have captured the feelings well. the slight angle of the camera and the wide screen, IMO
adds to the the dramatic essence of the image and helps put accross the feelings of confusion and disorientation
that often acompany feear or loathing.

This Compotition has been a wonderful learning experiance as well as a fustrating one, as we know the feeling of
waiting 5 hours for a render only to realise we forgot to do something

anyway enough chit chat. here it is, enjoy
Modeled and renderd With Maya 6.
A little post work in Adobe Photoshop
I used Maya's scan line renderer.

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July/August Challenge Final NORMAL entry

My final entry entitled "Green Trash"

A trailer-park dwelling alien cooks a meal while loathing the repairs on his crashed UFO. He fears he may never get off this rock...

Created with Maya, rendered with Mental Ray. Textured in Photoshop.
Items of interest: Particle fire + smoke, Particle beam, green radioactive glow on UFO interior parts, a little Paint FX work, character is fully rigged, and the mushrooms are edible.

(and unlike some other entries, it is actually 640x480 as requested user added image )

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My final entry

Then here my final scene.. After 14 hours of render...

Ok sorry for bad english, I dont speak english very well in english... I will do best than I can.

Short Description of my scene... Lol very short..

At the end of the everining, Lucien ( the principal caracter) was to go to meet his old friend.But arrived to the old barn of her friend ,the worst was hapenned.Bob (her friend) was suicided..Lucien was impotent in front of that... That the scene

Light specification on my scene... (18 different light)

1 volumic light
1 Volume Scattering light
9 spot light
1 ambience light
5 point light
1 directional light

thank all for your comment ( your comment help me)... I had a lot of fun to work on this challenge ...

Good luck all

user added image user added image

Light screenshot
click here


High resolution

another link
high resolution

maya and photoshop

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The Lunar Factory Inc .


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Okay, I'll start off with an explanation about my scene:

What I've tried to create is the feeling of fear using veriy inanimate and often seen friendly objecs such as legos and toy bears.

I had to change the brightness a bit in post to make my dark image viewable on these forums since the bgcolor is white white, but I've decided to add a link where you can download my full 1280x960 .iff rendering to view with fcheck in full screen.

highres .iff

anyway, here it is:

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René Descartes
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Final Entry

This is my final entry.

modeled in maya 6.5 unlimited
640X480 rendered in maya software renderer
3 point lights 1 spotlight all casting shadows
light fog with volume shader
opticalfx - glow, halo
paintfx converted to polygons
hair shadowed with shadow maps

Most of the textures are created in photoshop. Some of the textures are procedural.

Thanks, its been fun. user added image


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My final entry

Hi. Almost out of the deadline.

I´ve posted my final entry at 11:37, but after reading a message from McKinley where he says the deadline will be wen he wake up tomorrow, I decided to make some revisions, but now I can´t post it. Doesn´t this thread allow for edits in the posts?

Anyway, the link for the revision is here (1024x768):

Note: I ended up without using zbrush. Only Maya (relying on a crazy sculpt dense polygons technique) and photoshop. All the objects here are 3d done in maya, Some texturing too. Photoshop was very important too, to add more textures (because I had no time to UV map them) and tweak the point lights falloff). And to add some dirt to the image.

I´ll post the WIPs tomorrow somewhere.

Best wishes for all.

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Maya 6.5
Software Render

I can't wait for more contests.
-Sorry, I had to upload a better quality jpg, the first one came out horrible. Great job everyone.

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Is it fair that people constantly edit their posts and update their images after the deadline? Or maybe I should spend another week on mine and keep editing my post? I'm not trying to be mean, but rules are rules right?

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