Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
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Any CG mags available?

Are there any monthly/ weekly CG magazines available for subscription? As I'm just getting my head around the basics of Maya and would really like a further understanding of the CG world without asking millions of mundane questions on here and then forget the answer in a week or so time.


P.s Preferably a magazine that is readily available in the UK

Apologies for the repeat post, I was not sure which area to post in.

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Computer Arts is a nice mag user added image


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If you want a CG magazine, go with 3D World. It's an excellent magazine, and most issues cover Maya in some form or another.

Computer Arts, on the other hand, hardly ever covers 3D (I subscribed for a year, and there was only about 2 3D tutorials).


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ya. 3d world rocks..

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HDRI 3D is good also. Used to be Lightwave magazine but now covers all software....I've seen some great maya tuts in there over the past few months. When in doubt, it seems all the UK magazines for 3D, design, music, etc seem better and have more meat to them than the american ones which are too few and far between....and yes, I'm an american. The downside is you end up paying $15 for the mags since they're imported.

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3D World covers 3D.

Computer Arts covers generally most stuff but tends to have a slight focus on graphics design and illustration.

There's also "Computer Arts Projects", which is a monthly magazine focusing on a specific subject, be it building a portfolio, photo manipulation etc.

There's another one called Digit, which is similar to Computer Arts.

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i read this thread then went to whsmiths on the way home from school to get a copy of 3d world - but i was shcoked at the price
£6 for a mag WTF is gonin on here???????

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