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# 1 28-02-2006 , 02:49 PM
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Rigid Body question (blastcode)

Hi There,

I have a Rigid Solver question.

I need to change the Solver for a rigidBody and I need
to do this via the hypergraph, hypershade or the scripteditor/command line.
Or any otherway witch dosen't include deleting the rigidbody node itself.

I need to do it this way because I'm using a plugIn called BlastCode and it
creates the rigidbodys for me (IT HAS TO TO KEEP TRACK OF THEM) and places them
under the same solver.

I can't just delete the rigidBody node and recreate it selecting a different solver,
because BlastCode keeps putting them back under the same solver as before.

Therefore I'm thinking of letting Blastcode put all rigid bodys under whatever solver it likes and
afterwards change the solver for the specific rigid body.

Is there a way to very simple tell maya wich solver to use for a specific rigid body
without deleting the rigidbody node?


# 2 01-03-2006 , 10:56 PM
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Theres a rigid body solver layer? Never used blastcode so I'm no to sure what it does.

You could see what layer blastcode uses then change it to suit?

# 3 02-03-2006 , 10:50 AM
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I now know blastcode itself isn't capabel of administrating the rigid bodys it creates under different solvers. This is a fact.

So the only option left is to swap the rigid solver for the rigid body after it has been created. And to do this with maya, either via the hypergraph or the script editor.

But how is this done in a simple way? I don't know, cuz the rigid solver has a lot of connections going out of it. And it's not to happy being disconnected.

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