Beer glass scene creation
This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
# 1 29-04-2006 , 07:37 PM
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creature wip, take a look any help appreciated

Hi I'm new to this forum and I have been messing around with maya 7 since january of this year I've been using it on and off when i can with whatever free time i have for it and heres my works so far and their not done yet but one of them is....

this is a creature I have made with no name and rigged and took 8 days to complete but still not happy with look

user added image

two of them together

user added image

alternate look of it

user added image

user added image

heres my first robotic model made off of a ghost in the shell power suit which has alot to be done to it and has taken me 3 days so far

user added image

heres a worm like creature with claws

user added image

heres a closer look inside without claws and teeth

user added image

thats all I have to show for now and I'm working on others, comments and any help will be appreciated user added image

# 2 29-04-2006 , 08:24 PM
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nice work
the worm creature with teeth reminds me of headcrabs from Half Life2

i like the first creatre but the texture on the legs look a bit funny to me other than that its good work

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# 3 30-04-2006 , 01:04 AM
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thanks and the first one i'm thinking about changing the legs because they looked funny to me too lol. thanks for your help

# 4 30-04-2006 , 01:08 AM
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yeah, I really like the worm with the claws thing.

but the first model- notsomuch. Especially the legs. and texture #2 looks like its a sausage, or some kind of ground meat.

I really like the last model tho user added image

Matt user added image

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# 5 30-04-2006 , 01:37 AM
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lots of good stuff here. user added image

I kind of like the first one, though yeah, the legs and textures need some work.

# 6 30-04-2006 , 04:52 AM
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Oh thanks alot , now I see where I really got some fixing to do on the legs lol and as for the ground meat look that made me sick sometimes lookin at it for some reason. I got the first one from a spider and then I dunno how I got it looking like that as I went on but now I'm trying to work on a human model with big inspiration from final fantasy advent child. cloud character but I need so so so much more skill lol but I'll show my progress once I get started.

# 7 30-04-2006 , 11:18 AM
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my favorite new character is t"The Meat Weasel" from the new Kong movie. your worm guy looks sorta like him.

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