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# 1 02-05-2006 , 12:50 PM
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Maya crashing issues

Greetings everyone,

firstly if this has been covered before i apologise for my poor searching skills, also i am very new to maya and 3d moddeling so please bear with me. anyway....

i have maya 6 installed and it seems to work fine but when i create a cylinder and change the end cap subdivisions it crashes!
i formatted and reinstalled my OS and drivers then put maya back and it worked fine, then after i re-started boom, it happens again!

any assistance will be greatly apriciates as i am attempting to model a motor and require this function to make pipes and such

my computer is:
2.68 celeron
1gb ddr2 ram
2x 6800nvidias in sli (tried disabling sli to fix the problem too)
Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI Royal motherboard
40gb ide
2x 200gb raid0 SATA hdds
Windows XP build 0 no service packs

thanks in advance,

# 2 03-05-2006 , 12:11 PM
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well some help you gus are! sorry i signed up here!!

hahah just messin, dont worry about it i can delete the vertex at each end and theres the workaround, its just frustrating having small anoyances like that but i guess thats life btw i saw some of the WIPs and finnished projects... damn theres some serious tallent out there!!

thanks anyway guys\gals

# 3 04-05-2006 , 08:21 AM
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same things are happening to me.

I got maya 7 and when i tried to extrude it crashed, so i tryed to install maya 6 again and that crashed in the hypershade



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