Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Make an animation from a file

Hi, I have to achieve this task:

- Modeling some 3D objects
- Make them moving in a scene, following dati from a file
- Make an animation

Optional task (quite important)

- To create an external thing (program, command line) to generate animation from the data-file. Something like

makeanimation 1.dat

to have



1- Is it possible? SDK related?
2- Related Tutorials available?

PS: ofc no problems about the modeling.

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Since there are some view but no answer, I'll try to explain better (I don't want even to think there isn't any answer user added image )

Let's say I have this file:

Object1 xxx, yyy, zzz
Object2 xxx, yyy, zzz

Object1 xxx, yyy, zzz
Object2 xxx, yyy, zzz

and so on.
I want a script that moves every object (present in the project, not file related) in the right positioning, making a keyframe from every designed frame.
And that's all user added image

I use Maya 7.0, dunno if it changes something...

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Read your post before. Just had no idea at that stage - but your clarification is good-value.

Haven't gone that far myself yet, but after reading your pos i've just done some reading in the maya help files. Mainly because I didn't know anything about maya's fle i/o capabilities were.

So anyway, In answer to your three q's.

Nope. (For both software developer's kit and setting driven keys)
Don't know.

Have noticed, you'll often get the function name echoed in the script editor after executing any function. If not, open the script editor and toggle the Script->Echo All Commands menu option to on. This can often be a quick way of finding out how to do something, rather than looking it up.

The info's probly all there in the maya help files. But I guess the first step's to read the input file.
Reading from Help -> Using Maya -> MEL and Expressions ->I/O and interaction -> Reading and writing files, there's an ex given to read and print the lines of a file. You can try it by entering the following into the script editor

// Read a file one line at a time
string $exampleFileName = "C:/Demo.txt";
string $nextLine = `fgetline $fileId`;
while ( size( $nextLine ) > 0 ) {
print ( $nextLine );
$nextLine = `fgetline $fileId`;

Just remember to create a text file and save it to

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