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Control vertex prob

Hi people, this the first of many posts i'll no doubt be annoying you all with my ignorant noob ways!
I am following the basic human form tutorial on SM and have stmbled upon a problem wen it comes to control vertexs. The little purple control points won't appear but i can select them alrite as they appear in yellow even though i can't see them.
This is getting very frustrating as it is jus trial n error that i select the correct ones.
I am totaly new to 3D imagery n have only been using maya 8 for a couple of days.
Thanks in advance for ur time n patience.


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you may be having video card issues. What type of video card are you running.

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Hey man, im on an imac wit a NVIDIA 7300 GT card 128 SDRAM. You think it could be the problem? I've noticed macs arent too popular round these parts!


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Hey man, download the latest drivers as It sounds like a maya graphics card compatablilty issue with the GFORCE card you have (as its not in the qualified list for maya)

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