Maya for 3D Printing - Rapid Prototyping
In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
# 1 25-08-2007 , 03:15 PM
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Ferrari enzo

Hello, i am from bogota colombia. this is a car make in maya with nurbs. i hope your commentary. bye.

user added image

# 2 25-08-2007 , 05:20 PM
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looks very good user added image
perhaps you can make the rims a bit more reflective/shiny, but other than that no comments

keep up the good work user added image

and welcome to SimplyMaya by the way :attn:

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# 3 25-08-2007 , 09:10 PM
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that car body is way to reflective man other than that great workuser added image :bow:

# 4 26-08-2007 , 06:47 AM
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Ya I have to agree with acid thre, the body is far too over reflective, and maybe the rims could do with a little more reflection, but def' don;t go over the top with it!! Hope this helps.


# 5 26-08-2007 , 07:39 AM
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Yeah what Chris said ... nice model btw

# 6 26-08-2007 , 07:58 PM
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very good man
and I second the reflectivity part
user added image

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# 7 28-08-2007 , 09:53 AM
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thanks to all for his you criticizes, excuse my englis, i speak spanish but it no problem. i am new in the render , I would like helped me with this but in detail. again thanks

# 8 28-08-2007 , 10:18 AM
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Meh, I thought I’d use my computer to translate some stuff, so maybe he can understand it better.

Estoy utilizando un traductor para esto, pero esperanzadamente usted podrá entender lo que él mejor dicho.

Freaky-Freeky dijo:
Quizás usted puede hacer los bordes del coche un dígito binario más reflexivo.

acid44 dijo:
El cuerpo del coche es manera demasiado reflexiva.

el bendingiscool, el marlonjohn, y el donmichaelR todo convienen sobre qué Freaky-Freeky y acid44 dijo.
¡Gran trabajo en el modelo, y recepción al foro del SM! user added image

¿Usted entiende este mejor, ahora? user added image

Man, I love translators! user added image

# 9 28-08-2007 , 11:59 AM
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I understan what they say, which I need to know is like doing what they say in Mayan. in any case thanks for the translation

# 10 29-08-2007 , 08:58 AM
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Other than what's already been said, nice work!

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