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# 1 06-10-2007 , 11:40 AM
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Texture Problem


i just finished my Low_Polygon 3d Character

and i textured it using photoshop

i opened the hypershade and created a Blinn and loaded the texture into it

it was fine

i render the scene, after it is done and the picture shows

i exit, my character disaappears when i zoom out but when i zoom in it comes back again

some might say that this is a graphics problem but i did many

other characters with higher vertex count and more detailed

texture and it turned out without this problem

what could it be

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it could be that you have the far clipping plane on your camera set too low.

To rectify this, select your camera using the outliner, open it's attributes and set the Far Clip Plane to something high like 10000.

Hopefully that'll do the job.

Take it easy,


# 3 06-10-2007 , 10:02 PM
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it worked thanks

it worked

Somehow the Farclipping of the camera changed to 37

and that is why the problem occured

thanks a lot

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