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# 1 06-09-2008 , 01:45 PM
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Non-Manifold Geometry woes!


Maya 8.5, 2GB RAM, Precision 690, OS: Windows XP Pro

OK. I have a complicated poly which I have made. At some point it developed this non-manifold geometry. When I convert to subdiv and nothing happens and the script editor tells me about the problem I perform the Mesh> Clean-up with non-manifold geometry selected. OK, suddenly I have 79 extra un-merged vertices, many un-merged verts occupying the same space. I am now stuck in a loop. If I merge these verts, I get back to the non-manifold geometry problem and the process repeats.

I have checked that the normals all conform and are in the correct direction.

In the past when this has happened sometimes there are duplicate faces occupying the same space and by deleting them the problem is corrected. Not the case this time.

As I save successive instances of the scene I may be able to replace the corrupted sections of the poly with grafts from an earlier, uncorrupted version. However, I would like to know if there's a way to fix this problem and what the problem actually is.

Anyone know what to do?



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did you use cleanup to select the geometry of correct it? you could try just using cleanup to select the faces and then correct them yourself. i generally only use it to select the problem faces you have screenshots?

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Hi Hammer Horror. No, I selected to correct. I'll try selecting and seeing if that leads me to any info as to what is wrong.

Sorry, no screen shots yet.

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If you're really stuck, delete the offending faces (hopefully only 1 to 3 faces are sharing that vertex) and remodel those parts. Sometimes that's helped, however much I hate it :<

Peter Srinivasan
# 5 08-09-2008 , 08:54 AM
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Thanks guys. I actually employed both fixes on different instances and they both worked fine.

The clean-up > select was ultimately more useful because I discovered some faces existing inside the poly and deleting them fixed the issue with not too much work.

Thanks for the help.


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