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Changing from object space to world space - scale tool


I had posted a thread on this yesterday, but I still haven't solved the problem. Thank you for your help.

Actually I made a mistake. I would like to scale the object (a sphere) in world space, but I can't find that option. Does the scale tool have? What I see right now is in the object space.


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Select your object and click "E" key and move one of the XYZ sliders and you will scale in that position.

p.s Also try "W" for move
"R" for rotation hot keys

good luck with learning Maya user added image

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ya know, i don't think you can. i'd LOVE to learn how if it's possible...

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I 'm not sure this would help, but you can combine with other objects and separate again, or export to obj file and import back to reset local pivot direction to world direction.

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