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Maya and Swift 3D

I am working on a project where I need to export the model and texture data from Maya to Swift 3D. The only way Swift 3D seems to do this is with a 3ds file format.

I can get the model into Swift 3D fine with a DXF format, but obviously the textures aren't there, and it seems very cumbersome to try to re-texture the model in Swift 3D.

Basically, I am at a loss. I have looked for some type of Maya format to 3ds that keeps texture data to no avail. I have looked for plug-ins for Maya and Swift 3D to do this to no avail. I have searched and searched Google for any way to do this, and I am just not finding something that works.

Does anyone have experience doing this, or have any idea of how I might accomplish getting a fully textured model from Maya to Swift 3D?

Thanks to anyone that even replies! :headbang:

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