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Moving objects with joints makes the objects deform

I am following a tutorial for making a desk and lamp in a room. I want to move my lamp from the floor to the table, but because I have joints on the lamp, whenever I move or rotate it (even if I select everything involved in it), it comes apart and deforms. How can I fix this?

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Are u using World axis to move your object or Object axis. Latter can cause trouble while moving more than one object together if the object is already rotated.

Also scaling deformation of an object sometimes happens in maya if you attach or detach objects in groups. See if there is a "Transform" node is attached to any of your mesh objects in the outliner. If it is there remove it ( ungroup & delete ) and then delete history of the object.

I hope i'm close to the solution of your problem if not accurate. !!

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You could create a nurbs circle, a locator or even an empty group node (ctrl G) and simply select the root joint and parent it to any of them. You'll then be able to translate and rotate the object while still be able to animate the lamp. The idea is to use these as a control. Because you are selecting it the way you are you are getting double transforms which can happen in any rig if selected in the wrong order. Whether a rig is simple or complicated it will always rely on the Parent/child hierachy.

As a foot note you could always select the root joint itself to move stuff about but that could get messy trying to select it thru geometry and other rig related nodes

hope this helps


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