Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 2
This course will look in the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. It's aimed at people that have some modeling experience in Maya but are having trouble with complex objects.
# 1 03-02-2003 , 01:19 AM
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Random initial spin to active rigid body.

Does anyone know how to assign a random initial spin to whole bunch of rigid bodies, so i dont have to go into each one and do it manually?



# 2 03-02-2003 , 06:16 AM
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Well, long story short, you could use an expression like this:

Select all of your rigid objects in the viewport, then in the channelbox, highlight the x,y and z initialSpin attributes, right-click and choose expressions, and paste this into the box:

RigidObjectName|SolverName.initialSpinX = rand(1,2);
RigidObjectName|SolverName.initialSpinY = rand(1,2);
RigidObjectName|SolverName.initialSpinZ = rand(1,2);

Worked for me..... user added image

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# 3 03-02-2003 , 10:24 PM
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Well, I typed that in, but it doesn't work. Is "RigidObjectName" supposed to be a variable for "rigidBody1, rigidBody2, etc'? Because all objects you select have a different rigid body with them. If you have to type the name of every rigid body in place of "RigidBodyName" then we would have a lot of typing to do. Also, what is the "SolverName" for? If it's not a variable, what should I replace it with? Perhaps writting it out a little more would help me. I just stink at this stuff. Sorry! lol!

Let's say we have polyCube1, polyCube2, and polyCube3. Each are active rigid bodies. polyCube1 had rigidBody1, polyCube2 has rigidBody2, and polyCube3 has rigidBody3. After selecting all three, shift-selecting the initialSpin X, Y, and Z attributes in the channel box, then right-clicking and choosing "Expressions" what do you type in the box?

# 4 03-02-2003 , 11:16 PM
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Each of your rigids have a "different" solver?? weird...

By default, when you create your first active rigid object in your scene, Maya creates a default rigid "Solver".

Then, every object you create after that, i.e. polycube2, polycube3 etc. are attached to that same solver unless you tell Maya otherwise.

(at least, that's the way it has always worked for me in 4.0 and 4.5)

You should only have one main rigid solver, for your rigids.

So, for my expression to work, you would have had to select all of your objects that you want rigid, then make them active rigids, then you would have only ONE solver for all of your objects.

hehe... I suck at this too, but my expression worked for me so....
not sure what else I can tell ya....

Sorry.... I'm a tard....

Israel "Izzy" Long
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