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Problems transferring diffuse map

Hi, I'm working on making a skybox from a panaramic photograph for a architectural simulation I am building, but I have run into some issues. I am using this tutorial: Creating Skyboxes (Maya, Vue, Photoshop, Zbrush) - YouTube which basically consists of stitching together the photos, mapping them to a sphere in maya and adjusting the UVs and then transferring the map to a box. I have mapped the panorama to the sphere and adjusted it, but I when I try to use the Transfer Maps tool to transfer the diffuse map, the result is always a black box rather than my photo.
Here's a few screenshots showing my setup and the transfer maps settings:
I've tried adjusting various settings, but I am not well versed in Maya and I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to get a proper transfer or even another method of creating a skybox from pictures. Thanks!

ps. I didn't mean to embed the video in this post but I'm new to these forums and cant seem to get it to go away, sorry

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Whats the best way to render an environment building in maya? This is for my showreel and want to get as much detail out of it as possible. Would the best path be, to learn some of the basic's of physical sun and sky and go from there?

Any input is appreciated... Thanks!user added image

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