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# 1 22-07-2013 , 02:36 AM
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Keyboard electrical problem?

Needed a new keyboard likerightnow to finish some work, so I got one from a Goodwill-like store. Didn't work when I got it home, so I opened it up and seem to have come across a problem I've never had, and never knew was possible.

Basically, I opened it up, and as I was taking out the contact sheets or whatever they're called, it decided to work (had it plugged to USB the whole time I was taking it apart), then turned off again. So I was like "dafuq" then just finished getting it apart, cleaned everything, then took a look at the little circuit board. While I was checking the connections, I noticed that turning it certain ways makes it work. All the connections look/feel fine, but it only works if it's at the right angle.

Any idea why this could be happening? If it makes any difference, there are 2 small capacitors, and one of those orange/sandy coloured circle things on the circuit board, along with a tan cylinder thing, looks like a tan capacitor on it's side. My electrical knowledge is epic, eh?

# 2 22-07-2013 , 03:53 AM
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The tan circles sound like ceramic caps to me. I really don't think it's worth trying to debug it; just buy a 10 dollar one from the Source instead, and be done with it.

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# 3 22-07-2013 , 03:57 AM
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I don't care about the keyboard, I ended up finding my girlfriends 1940s wireless crapturd anyways, just curious as to what the hell could cause that.

# 4 22-07-2013 , 09:35 AM
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could be just about anything, but my guess would be a dry joint somewhere look for something like this on the board

user added image

Resolder it, it's not worth the time and effort it would take as NextDesign said, but there is nothing wrong with some intellectual curiosity user added image


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# 5 22-07-2013 , 04:25 PM
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Don't see anything like that on it. It all actually looks pretty shiny and new to me. I'll see if I can find my camera's USB cable and get a picture of it later

# 6 25-07-2013 , 04:39 AM
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Sorry for the wait, finally got pictures. May not be the greatest as I took them with my phone, but the phone's camera is better than the camera's uh... Camera.

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