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Edges showing where they shouldn't

Hello again,

any ideas why the edges which should be hidden behind the mesh (w/ solid material, standard lambert) are showing at least partly? When I zoom in they shrink, zooming out they get bigger and at certain angles the faces even start flickering with black bits.
I was playing around with a lattice, nothing special. The geometry was extruded, but there are no double faces.

user added image

user added image

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Looks like you have your face normal on, turn them of my going to display/poligons/face normal and click on that with the mesh selected should get rid of them..............dave

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Could be the camera's near clip plane being too small (relative to the far clip plane).

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Thanks for the replies.

Clicking on face normals in the dropdown-menu does nothing at all, strangely.

Changing the clip planes' values did it, thanks!

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