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Problem using bridge tool

Hi all,

I'm completing a helmet from a tutorial, and I've got a problem.

I'm trying to bridge the edges from the front of the helmet with those on the rear. But, when I use the tool, the bridge is twisted - the vertexes are bridged diagonally, rather than straight.

Anyone advise how I can get around this? Or, as a workaround, does Maya have an equivalent of Lightwave's create polygon tool (you can select points in order, and then create a new polygon - thought the Fill Hole tool might but it doesn't, and Maya's Create Polygon tool only seems to work on the new points you've created, not on pre-existing points)?

Any help appreciated,



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First of all check your normals by going under Display >> Polygon display >> Long Normals (or medium/short whatever you want). If you see a normal that needs to be reversed select the face/-s and go to Edit polygons >> Normals >> Reverse normal option box. Make sure it's set to reverse and nothing else.

Second I'd say the append to polygon tool is what you want for bridging in new faces. It'll let you select the edges you want to append a new polygon between.

And finally you can use the create polygon tool to fill up the hole, you just need to snap your new vertices to the ones on your other object. Note that this will create a completely new object that has no relationship whatsoever to your other one.

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Thank you,

I was just in the process of reversing the normals when I got your reply - it worked.

It's taking a bit of work getting used to Maya rather than Lightwave, but I'm getting there (though I'm a beginner in both really, just done more lightwave).

Thanks again,


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